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  1. Extravagant Dream Dress
  2. Plan A Date Dress (Brown)
  3. Plan A Date Dress (Taupe)
  4. Spice It Up Mini Dress (Taupe)
  5. Spice It Up Mini Dress (Magenta)
  6. Spice It Up Mini Dress (Teal)
  7. Learn To Fly Dress
  8. Wasted Time On You Dress
  9. Still Need You Around Dress
  10. All My Life Waiting Midi Dress
  11. One More Round Midi Dress
  12. Found You First Blazer Dress
  13. Steady Pace Dress
  14. As You Were Dress
  15. Let's Catch Up Dress (Natural)
  16. Let's Catch Up Dress (Black)