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Hair Accessories

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  1. Allie Claw Clip
  2. Danielle Claw Clip (Gloss Blue)
  3. Danielle Claw Clip (Gradient Green)
  4. Danielle Claw Clip (Pink)
  5. Danielle Claw Clip (Purple)
  6. Danielle Claw Clip (Soft Green)
  7. Danielle Claw Clips (Mint)
  8. Danielle Claw Clips (Sage)
  9. Green Holiday Bundle Teleties
  10. Large Teleties (Gypsy Rose)
  11. Large Teleties (Rose Water Pink)
  12. Large Teleties (Santa Paws)
  13. Large Teleties (Winter Frost)
  14. Multi Pack Teleties (It's Lit)
  15. Multi Pack Teleties (Yuletide Magic)
  16. Paisley Scrunchie Hair Scarf (Blue)