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  1. Thoughts of You Dress
  2. I See You Dress (Taupe)
  3. I See You Dress (Brown)
    Sold Out
  4. Enough Of Your Love Dress
    Sold Out
  5. A Night To Remember Dress
  6. Can't Get Enough Dress
  7. Something New Dress (Black)
  8. At A Glance Dress (Camel)
  9. Extravagant Dream Dress
  10. Gone For The Night Dress
  11. Spice It Up Mini Dress (Taupe)
  12. Spice It Up Mini Dress (Magenta)
  13. Spice It Up Mini Dress (Teal)
  14. Wasted Time On You Dress
  15. Still Need You Around Dress
  16. All My Life Waiting Midi Dress