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  1. All Of Me Top
  2. Always After You Blouse
  3. Always On Your Mind Blouse (Magenta)
  4. Awhile Longer Top
  5. Best Days Ahead Blouse (Khaki)
  6. Can't Be Tamed Top
  7. Can't Say Goodbye Blouse (Black)
  8. Can't Say Goodbye Blouse (Olive)
  9. Can't Say Goodbye Blouse (Wine)
  10. Chance To Take Top (Camel)
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  11. Devoted Love Blouse (Green)
  12. Devoted Love Blouse (Midnight Blue)
  13. Devoted Love Blouse (Pink)
  14. Fairytale Love Blouse (Mauve)
  15. Fairytale Love Blouse (Sage)
  16. Find Me Blouse (Champagne)