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  1. Everything I Wanted Leggings
  2. Eye Catcher Fringe Skort (Camel)
  3. Peyton Medium Wash Flares
  4. Down For Slit All Jeans
  5. Watching You Skirt
  6. Daydreams Of You Skirt
  7. I Want Your Loving Joggers
  8. All The Thoughts Of You Skirt
  9. Love This Way Jogger (Camel)
  10. Love This Way Jogger (Black)
  11. Love This Way Jogger (Hunter Green)
  12. Where's The Weekend Skirt (Wine)
  13. Late Night Talking Skirt (Wine)
  14. Shut It Down Shorts (Camel)
  15. Shut It Down Shorts (Black)
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  16. Shut It Down Shorts (Hot Pink)
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